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I’m hearing impaired, what is the best way to communicate with another family member or friend?

If you are hearing impaired and having difficulty communicating with friends or family you are not alone. And, there are many ways to help communication go smoothly. Set your stage for success by making sure you face who you are speaking to. Be sure to avoid extra noise or noisy backgrounds. Get their attention prior to speaking with them and remember, don’t be afraid to ask how you can best facilitate communication with them. Communication is a two-way street and takes work between both parties.

Remember to stay attentive to the conversation and concentrate on the speaker. Look for the visual cues in a conversation (hand gestures or facial expressions). If needed don’t be afraid to ask for written cues. Try to avoid interrupting, let the conversation flow awhile to gain more meaning. Don’t bluff. It’s okay to admit when you don’t understand.

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