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What are the dangers of excessive Ear Wax?

Excessive ear wax can trap bacteria and eventually lead to an ear infection if not remedied. There are various ways to effectively and safely clear excessive wax from the ear.

  • Over the Counter Drops can help remove wax. These are basically all oil and peroxide solutions (e.g. Debrox, Murine). Drops are a good solution for mild to moderate amounts of wax build up. **Drops should not be used when there is an eardrum perforation.
  • Irrigation of wax via suction is also another method used to remove build up from the ear. This method is usually used by nurses or family practioners and should only be done under professional supervision. Removal of wax via suction will require a visit to your doctor.
  • Please do not use Q-Tips or similar to try and remove wax from ears. Anything that can be placed in or down the ear canal can be dangerous. You run the risk of perforating the eardrum or forcing the wax further down the ear canal.

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