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What are the advantages to wearing both hearing aids?

  • Improved Understanding: Binaural hearing helps you sort our and understand individual voices and sounds. Our brain blends signals and sounds from both ears into a single sound. With only one ear you have incomplete information.
  • Less Stressful Listening: Listening with only one ear is physically tiring and stressful. Hearing with both ears allows you to hear more confidently and means you don’t have to turn your “Good Ear” towards the sound.
  • Safety: Our brain locates a sound source by measuring the tiny differences in duration and intensity between your ears and interpreted by your brain. This allows you to instantaneously recognize a sound’s exact location. When a person hears with only one ear, the difficulty in location sound can be dangerous, especially around others or in traffic.
  • Both Ears Remain Active: When a hearing impaired person who has an equal hearing loss in each ear wears a hearing aid in only one ear, the unused ear tends to lose its ability to hear and to understand.
  • Loud Sound is Cushioned: Binaural hearing generally requires less volume, giving a more natural sound to voices and music. Sudden loud sounds lose much of their jarring effect when divided between two ears.
  • Better Sound Identification: Many noises, which sound almost exactly alike when heard with one ear can be identified more easily when heard with two ears.
  • Better Hearing Range: While you can hear with one ear hearing with both allow for much broader range. A voice barely heard at ten feet away with one ear can be heard up to 40 feet away with two ears.

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